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The Environment

Studies of preschool programs have shown that the language and literacy environment strongly influences future reading development. Preschool programs emphasizing opportunities for language interactions and age-appropriate reading and writing optimize children’s early success. Meaningful and purposeful activities in the emergent literacy environment encourage children to develop skills for learning to read and write formally in school.


ObjectivesListed below are the objectives that will be covered in this unit:

  • To learn how effective classroom environments promote prekindergarten language and literacy learning.

  • To examine your daily schedule to identify opportunities to include key activities when planning the preschool day.

  • To understand how classroom environments aid the growth of children’s language skills.

As you read, think about...As You Read, Think About...

  • How does your daily schedule support opportunities for children to use language and explore print?
  • How does the prekindergarten learning environment aid the growth of children’s vocabulary and their use of language?

You are now ready to begin the section on Emergent Literacy Environment.


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