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Mathmatical Thinking

Teacher Knowledge - Foundational Concepts

Description of VPK Assessment Measures

Print Knowledge Measure

Print Knowledge assesses the child’s ability to recognize letters or words, and his/her knowledge of letter names (both upper and lower case) and the sounds they make. The Print Knowledge measure includes a total of 12 assessment items and two practice items.

Phonological Awareness Measure

Phonological Awareness is the awareness and manipulation of the different sounds in a word. The Phonological Awareness measure assesses the child’s ability to:

  • blend (put together) a word if it is broken up into smaller sounds or syllables
  • blend a compound word
  • recognize the remaining word when part of the stimulus word is taken away.

The Phonological Awareness measure includes a total of 14 assessment items and two practice items.

Mathematics Measure

The Mathematics measure assesses early numeracy skills across three different areas: counting skills,  numerical relations skills, and arithmetic reasoning skills. The Mathematics measure includes a total of 13 assessment items.

Oral Language/Vocabulary Measure

The Oral Language/Vocabulary measure:

The Oral Language/Vocabulary measure includes a total of 22 assessment items in Assessment Period 1 and 23 assessment items in Assessment Periods 2 and 3.