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Mathmatical Thinking

Teacher Knowledge - Foundational Concepts


The purpose of the Florida VPK Assessment is to provide teachers with information that can be used to guide instructional activities to promote children’s development of important readiness skills. This assessment provides teachers with a user friendly set of tools to help identify the skill levels of the children in their programs, and to track the development of skills across the year.  The Florida VPK Assessment focuses on skills that are clear predictors of later school success and that have instructional value.

The use of this assessment may help VPK teachers better understand the developmental continuum of literacy, language, and math skills and the critical role they play in helping promote skill development and school readiness. The results from the Florida VPK Assessment are not used for accountability, but instead to guide instruction and provide information about how a child is likely to perform on the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS) (and the other Kindergarten -through third grade assessment currently in development).