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Emergent Literacy


Lesson Plans

The lesson plans listed below all require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Brown Bag It Lesson Plan (PDF, ? KB)
Children sort pictures by initial sounds into bags labeled with different letters of the alphabet.            

Compound Word Snakes Lesson Plan (PDF, 2MB)
Children see and understand how compound words by making a compound word out of two single words and deleting a word from a compound word to make a single word.

Guessing Game Lesson Plan (PDF, ? KB)
Children indentify the onset (first sound) and rime (the vowel and all the sounds that follow the onset) in words and identify the word that is being segmented. 

Jumpin’ Syllables Lesson Plan (PDF, 181KB)
Children learn to segment words into syllables, hopping like a frog for each syllable, and combine syllables to make two-syllable words. 

Letter Bag Lesson Plan (PDF, ? KB)
Children identify and match written target letters and their sounds.  

Letter-Sound Pyramid Lesson Plan (PDF, ? KB)
Children match the initial sounds in words to the corresponding (written) letters while playing a pyramid game.

Letter-Sound Sort Lesson Plan (PDF, ? KB)
Children sort Initial-Sound Picture cards under the appropriate letters on a poster.

Letter-Sound Train Lesson Plan (PDF, ? KB)
Children match the initial sounds in words to the target letter on a train.

The Name Game Lesson Plan (PDF, 143KB)
Children hear the syllables in their classmates’ names and hit the floor with a rhythm stick for each syllable.

Photo Chart Lesson Plan (PDF,?KB)
Children match the initial sounds in classmates’ first names to (written) letters using photographs of the children.

Puppet Word Detectives Lesson Plan (PDF, 386KB)
Children play onset-rime puppet games with the teacher to determine which word the puppets are making when combining the onset (first consonant sound in a word, before the vowel) and rime (the vowel and what follows the vowel in that syllable).