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Welcome to Language and Vocabulary

 Welcome to the “Language and Vocabulary” folder. This is one component of the VPK Teacher Toolkit. This resource is designed to help you address the language development needs of each child in your classroom. As you go through this folder, you will view videos of experts in the field of language and vocabulary development in early childhood. They will discuss the importance of language and vocabulary and encourage you to try one or all of the strategies presented in this folder. The featured language and vocabulary experts are Dr. Julie Washington and Dr. Beth Phillips.

Dr. Washington is a Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Communicative Disorders at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is currently conducting research on the language and literacy development of diverse populations, in addition to focusing on understanding and improving the emergent literacy skills of preschoolers from high risk populations.

Dr. Phillips is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems in the College of Education at Florida State University. She is currently conducting research on emergent literacy, including topics related to curriculum development, assessment, and the relationship between emergent literacy and child behavior.