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Think, Show, Tell, Talk

 Think, Show, Tell, Talk is another strategy that will increase children’s vocabulary and oral language skills. A couple of the words from Think, Show, Tell, Talk include “leap” and “telescope.” Again, the strategy is an effective catalyst to jump start oral language and vocabulary, however, it is vital to reinforce the target words throughout the day by saying them, and eliciting these words from children.

In order to reinforce the word “leap,” you might comment to another child, “What is (child’s name) doing on the playground?” The child would respond, “(Child’s name) is leaping across the playground,” or you should prompt the child to say, “(Child’s name) is leaping across the playground.” You could also play hide and seek where the children “leap” around in search of their playmates, and continually incorporate the word “leap” into the game.

In order to facilitate learning the word “telescope,” you could set up a Science Center, and include a real “telescope.” You could also do an art project where the children make their own “telescopes” and then use their telescopes to find stars in the sky.